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International Eco Fuel Saver Inc


Global Eco Products, LLC

Global Distributor for all EcoFuel Saver & EcoProven Products





Optimus EFS

Contact:  Ernesto Pipolo

Website: www.optimusefs.com

Telephone: +54 9 341 532 3300

Mobile Telephone: +54 9 341 611 0999


Optimus EFS

Contact:  Ernesto Pipolo

Website: www.optimusefs.com

Telephone: +54 9 341 532 3300

Mobile Telephone: +54 9 341 611 0999



(BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories)

2016012 Alberta Ltd.

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Contact:  Richard Cormier

Website:  www.globalecoproducts.com

Telephone: 1-213-263-0448. Ext. 404

Email:  info@globalecoproducts.com

Product Line:   EcoFuel Saver, EcoProven products


EarthTek Solutions

(Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nunavut)

Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

Website:  www.globalecoproducts.com

Telephone: 1-213-263-0448.   Ext. 404

Email: richardc@earthteksolutions.com

Product Line:    EcoProven products, EcoFuel Saver


Steel Craft Ja Ltd

Location: 123 1/2 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica, West indies

Contact: Kirk Brown

Telephone: 876-931-7778

Products Lines: All EcoFuel Saver & EcoProven products


Eco-Fuel China

Location: 8175 S. Virginia St., Suite 850-217

Contact: Pepper Matanga

Telephone: +1-562-688-0801

Email: PMatanga@icloud.com

Products Lines: All EcoFuel Saver & EcoProven products


Eco Fuel Saver India

Location: Ward No 15, Rampura Road, Safidon 126112 Haryana, India

Contact: Ashok Sharma

Telephone: +918529428980

Email: Sharmashok091@gmail.com

Products Lines: All EcoFuel Saver & EcoProven products


Eco Saver Mexico

Location: KM46 Tablaje Catastral 18980 Poligono,     Tixcacal Opichen Caucel, Merida Yucatan C.P. 97300

Contact: Armando Cantu

Telephone:  +529992406943

Email: armando.cantu@ecosaverdemexico.com

Products Lines: All EcoFuel Saver & EcoProven products


Petroleum Catalyst Technologies

Location: PO Box 183, Clarksburg, NJ 08510

Website: http://petroleumcatalysttech.com

Products Represented: EcoFuel Saver 

Contact: Vice President – Jeff Elder

Email: jeff@petroleumcatalysttech.com

Telephone: 1-609-259-3300



Optimus EFS

Contact: Ernesto Pipolo

Website: www.optimusefs.com

Telephone: +54 9 341 532 3300

Mobile Telephone: +54 9 341 611 0999

Products Lines: EcoFuel Saver

Richard Craig

Richard Craig is the CEO/Managing Director of Global Eco Products, LLC.. He is also the current Director of Operations and Global Director of Research and Development for International Eco-Fuel Saver, Inc., a position that he has held for the last 10 years.   Mr. Craig manages all aspects of Canadian, US and international operations for both organizations.

He holds a BA of Science in Agricultural Education from The Ohio State University with special emphasis on the Physical Sciences, Plant Science and Horticulture. He is an experienced business executive, having created, owned or managed 4 multi-state, multi-national companies over a 40 year career. During his career, Mr. Craig was prime contractor on over 100 US Army Corps of Engineers projects. Other clients included Ohio Bell, AT&T, and Monongahela Power Company.

Richard’s two (2) primary responsibility areas are/have been the global certification and launch of the emissions reducing Eco-Fuel Saver product. He has worked with certified laboratories and certifying agencies such as EPA, CARB, the Italian National Lab, Southwest Research Institute, CAD-RAIL Industries in Montreal, Canada and GM’s Top Tier program and at the same time has worked closely with company clients to created the real world testing protocols they need that are aligned with Federal and International standards for fuels and emission reduction strategies.

Focus area number two (2) is the marketing and branding of Global Eco Products “EcoProven” and “Eco-Safe” product families.

The “EcoProven” product group is a family of “personal” care products, cleaners, disinfectants and foggers that will destroy the SARS-CoV-19 virus as well as many other pathogens. The “EcoSafe” product line is family of commercial and industrial cleaners and coatings. The goal for both the “EcoProven” and the Eco-Safe” product lines is to create a world class brand and best of class products.

Richard Cormier

Richard Cormier is the Director of Business Development for Global Eco Products, LLC.  In that role, he seeks to identify strategic markets and relationships to bring new products to market. 

Richard has had a diversified and successful 35-year career in sales and business development.  He has held multiple regional and national leadership positions in marketing.  He has been a sales leader for a building products manufacturing company, a technical rep for new tech construction materials, and a consultant for new technology business development. His projects and experience have included projects in Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

During the last 17 years, he has focused on new technology development. He has lead several companies’  technologies into and through their initial launch and helped them develop their short term and long term marketing and sales strategies. He has accumulated experience in testing, proof of concept, certification standards and testing, performance monitoring, technical and marketing documentation, presentations, websites, business development strategies, technical support and training, and team building.

He has project experience in the construction, agriculture, trucks and mobile equipment,  alternative health treatments, emissions reduction, water purifications and nanotechnology industries. In recent years, he has drawn from his accumulated business development experience to guide and support several small “new tech” companies to their next level of market growth.

Global Eco Products has drawn heavily on Richard’s new technology business development experience to communicate and mobilize the POWERFUL potential of the unique cleaning and pathogen control mechanism of the EcoProven technology.