Tech Data & Testing

Eco-Proven’s non-toxic, certified environmentally friendly formulation is ideally suited to destroying the fatty acid structure of the Covid-19 virus, which has since been confirmed in laboratory testing.


  • Liquid (clear) at 70 ºF
  • Odorless & Colorless
  • Extremely low foaming
  • Freezing point – 16 ºF
  • Flashpoint – none at 212 ºF
  • pH 10.4 NEAT (undiluted)
  • Specific gravity – 1.029
  • Viscosity - @20 c > 225-375 (290 average) cps
  • Pounds per gallon – 8.52

Approvals & Certifications

  • EPA Water Sense certified
  • EPA Green Guard certified
  • Approved & used by US Navy
  • Approved & used by United States Postal Service
  • Approved by United States Department of Agriculture
  • Canada - CSA Sustainability certified

Handling & Storage

  • Protect from temperatures below 32 ºF and over 90 ºF
  • No special handling procedures are necessary

How it works

Eco-Proven’s unique colloidal micelle chemical structure breaks down hydrocarbons and converts them into fats and fatty acid micro-particles, which are easily rinsed away.

In addition to this powerful cleaning action, the formula also attacks sulfur based odors. These results are achieved without the use (and undesirable effects) of petrochemical dispersants.

Eco-Proven is activated by the presence of water, whether hot or cold, freshwater or even saltwater. This powerful cleaning agent works well alone, or can be mixed with other active ingredients to make Eco-Proven an effective cleaning solution for almost any purpose.