Proven Protection against COVID-19

EcoProven technology is a potent viral killer that is an effective defense against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19

International Eco-Fuel Saver, Inc. (IEFSI) announced that Global Eco Products, LLC will be the exclusive global distributor for all IEFSI products.  Global Eco Products, LLC will be responsible for all sales and marketing efforts globally and will be responsible for managing all aspects of customer relations and setting customer expectations by utilizing its global network of professional sales representatives and distributors.
International Eco Fuel Saver, Inc. is a US domiciled company with factories location in California.  The company specializes in 1) Fuel & oil additives that increase the efficiency of combustion in engines and that reduce fuel consumption and emissions.   2) pharmaceutical / chemicals for commercial cleaning and personal care products that mitigate disease and infection caused by pathogens.
Protects against Covid-19

The EcoProven technology is a proprietary blend of plant based and all natural ingredients (ionic and anionic compounds) that work with nature’s most common solvent (water) to create a powerful virucide.

EcoProven and water combine to create a hyperactive colloidal solution that contains countless microscopic ionic particles which discharge ionic (electrical) charges in all directions.  Viral bodies are “caught in the crossfire” of these ionic charges and the protective outer lipid membrane of the virus is shredded.  Once the outer protective layer is penetrated, the inner RNA is exposed and the combination of the colloidal action and antimicrobial surfactants quickly destroy the RNA core.

Any SARS-CoV-2 virus that is exposed to EcoProven’s powerful colloidal action is destroyed. 

SANItizing Protection and COVID-19

The same mechanism that breaks down the lipid membranes of some viruses and neutralizes those viruses has other useful applications.

EcoProven’s colloidal technology has been adapted to create other health protection products.  These include hand sanitizers, surface sanitizers, surface cleaners  and fogging solutions.

EcoProven’s colloidal micelle chemistry efficiently breaks down hydrocarbons and convents them into fats and fatty acid micro-particles which are easily rinsed away.  

In addition to being a powerful virucide, EcoProven colloidal solutions can be effective surface sanitizers and degreasing cleaners.  It is gentle on materials in a wide variety of sanitizing and cleaning applications  – yet DEADLY to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 


EcoProven - viral protection & cleaning WITHOUT harsh chemicals

EcoProven’s unique formulations are POWERFUL virucides, cleaners and degreasers.  Unlike so many chemical formulations that have potential long term effects on health, the environment or our water supply, EcoProven formulations are safe.

EcoProven is :

  • NON-TOXIC made with natural ingredients and free of chemicals
  • SAFE for people, pets and plants
  • GENTLE on virtually on materials and surfaces
  • BIODEGRADABLE – made from natural and sustainable ingredients 
  • WATER FRIENDLY – not a contaminant to our fresh water supply. 

Features & Benefits